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ManualMan specializes in amateur radio, audio, and radio-related manuals primarily from manufacturers who no longer support certain older equipment models or from manufacturers who no longer exist. ManualMan always recommends you check the availability of needed manuals from the original equipment manufacturer first. An original manual on a complex piece of electronic equipment (with multi-layer boards, path layouts, complex schematics, color layer identification, etc.) is always easier to read than a replication. If the manufacturer can no longer supply the information you need, ManualMan would be happy to serve you.

 What We Do 
ManualMan specializes in vintage manuals for amateur radio, audio, and radio-related equipment. Digital high quality and readable replications are always ManualMan's specialty. Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.
  • Quality is the Number One Customer Priority
  • 100% Digital Quality Complete Replications
  • Fully Readable, Digital High Quality Throughout
  • Quality Paper and Heavy Cover Stock   
  • Lay-Flat Bindings and Saddle Stitching
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Reasonable Pricing and Timely Delivery
  • Provide This Service in a Professional & Dedicated Manner

  • All manuals are prepared to look "like new." This means that all markings, notes, hand-drawn pictures, etc. will be removed (as best as possible) from the original before a replication will be made. Depending on the condition of the original, there may be sections, paragraphs, or entire pages that may have to be retyped. All reproductions are done back-to-back or as the original dictates. If, in the process of providing a replication of a schematic, assembly drawing, or specialized layout, and sheet bonding is required due to an unusual sheet size, ManualMan will provide this service at no additional charge. Complex schematics are generally enlarged to fit on 11 x 17 sheets. Large schematics are generally replicated full size. Schematics are not cut up to fit on 8.5 x 11 sheets.

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    The Online Catalog is database-driven. When you search for a manual, you can provide all (or part) of a Model Number. All military and consumer electronics product manuals are searched simultaneously.

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    Although we believe the site is fairly straight forward in its operation, some questions may come to mind. Please review the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) to see if your question has been addressed. If your question has not been addressed after reviewing the FAQ's, please feel free to address your question directly to me at pete@manualman.com.

     Restoration & Repair Resources 
    ManualMan has the following resources. For more details, click on the links:
    Antique Electronic Supply
    AES is a well-respected resource for tubes, capacitors, resisters, and other electronic components for vintage electronics. They also have a good inventory of finishes, chemicals, alignment tools and cabinet parts for your restoration projects.
    RF Parts
    Great source for cable, connectors, RF modules, semiconductors, heatsinks, transmitting and receiving tubes, sockets, relays, and much more!

     About Us 
    If you would like to learn more about ManualMan and his activities and interests, click here.

     Terms and Conditions 
    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product received, you may return it postpaid for a full refund. However, we reserve the right to cancel this guarantee if, upon inspection, we determine the product is not returned in like-new condition, or has been tampered with.
    U.S. and International Shipping Charges
    We ship products to the United States and related territories using USPS. Other special shipping arrangements can be considered only if the customer bears the cost. No products are shipped by book or media rate. Any products, beyond a certain weight class, are automatically shipped by the USPS Priority Mail service.

    For orders to all non-U.S. countries, shipping and handling charges must be computed. After going through checkout, the process will automatically generate a request for a quote so that we can compute the actual shipping and handling charges to your country. After the actual shipping and handling charges are determined by us, the total charge for products and shipping and handling will be sent to the customer's e-mail address on file.

    USPS Air Mail ships all non-U.S. orders. For certain countries, Global Priority shipping can also be considered.
    We understand you are concerned with the information in your profile. The information is stored in a database using the same SSL encryption technology employed by sites such as amazon.com and ebay.com, so you can be assured that your information and contact information is safe and sound - and ready for your next order without having to re-enter your information.
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